The Martial Arts Expo

The East Coast USA Tour: Every Weekend from 16 Aug - 24 November 2024

The Business of Martial Arts with Lance Gregorchuk.

Sales Training

In Just one weekend you and your trainer team will learn the most effective way to sell memberships in your school. This sales method  for selling Martial Arts Memberships is simple to understand and easy to implement in any martial arts school. We know that the person selling memberships does not have any time because they need to be on the mat again in 5 minutes. Once you learn this sales system, 5 minutes is more than enough time to sell a membership.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook is for parents, Instagram is for people under 35, Youtube is a completely different audience, and Tik Tok is the the future. You, as the owner of a Martial Arts School need to be spending, 10 minutes a day marketing your Martial Arts School on all the  social media channels. Yes, just 10 minutes a day and we will show you exactly how to do just that! Social Media is about just 2 things, it needs to be social and it has to be relavent, this is why you need to arrive on Friday for the 12 Month Marketing plan.

Grow your Business

You are not a glorified babysitting service! You are a Martial Arts School that helps children and adults grow and become better people, physically and personally. You are about Martial Arts, and nothing else!

NO... Parents night out campaigns!

NO... Sleep over nights 

NO... Kids Birthday Parties

NO... Babysitting campaigns.

Yes: Martial Arts

Yes: Self Worth

Yes: Self Defence

Yes: Discipline


Martial Arts Business Success Weekend

This could be your weekend plan


5 pm: Registration.

6 pm: Your 12 Month Marketng plan.

8 pm: Meet and greet.


7 am-8:30 am: Early Morning Workout with Guest Trainer

9:30 - 12:00:  Social Media Marketing that works!

12:00 - 12:45: Lunch

12:45 - 15:00: How to sell a martial arts mebership. 

3 pm - 3:30: Break

3:30 - 5 pm:  Martial Arts Seminar with Guest Trainer.


7 am - 8:30 am. Early Morning Workout

9:30 - 12:00:  Turning your School into a Business

12:00 - 12:45: Lunch

12:45 - 3 pm: Implementing everything into your school.

3 pm- 5 pm: Implementing everything into your school.

5 pm- 7 pm: Answering your questions

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Lance Gregorchuk

Lance Gregorchuk

Canadian born Lance Gregorchuk is the author of the best selling Book "Sales Master, how to Master Sales and Life". Lance was the Sales and Marketing Director for Fitness First, the largest fitness chain in Europe as well as the Sales and Marketing director for 24 hour fitness, the largest fitness chain in the world. After leaving the fitness industry in 2010, Lance, as an newly dedicated martial artist, decided to focus on helping the Martial Arts Industry. 


Lance Consults to some of the Largest Martial Arts schools and chains worldwide and is the owner of Dojo Management Software. Lance has litterally trained over 250,000 sales people, managers and owners in the Fitness and Martial Arts Industry worldwide. 


Lance has been Married for 20 years and has 2 Children. His Son, Jaden Eikermann Gregorchuk,  took part in the Tokyo Olympics when he was only 16 years old, and he is currently the world Champion in 10 meter Olympic Diving, Lance's daughter Jazzelle is a European Champion as well from 10 Meters.


Lance's Seminars are like no other you have ever attended, and with 30 years experience in Sales and Marketing his Seminars are packed with solutions that will increase your profits and which you can impliment immediately and for very little cost.

Why should you attend the MAExpo Road show USA?

Nothing compares to the MAExpo Road show because there is nothing to purchase. There are no Secrets that no other Martial Arts School knows, no monthly consulting plans which you can purchase, no monthly marketing campaigns to purchase, this is a 100% a transfer of knowledge and nothing else. Yes, Lance Gregorchuk is the CEO of Dojo Management Software, but if you are happy with your current software then keep it. This Road Show is in Responce to the Cancelling of the MA-Supershow in Las Vegas, and hopefully, if things go well, we can create a new show which better than super that is only dedicated to growing your membership base.

Kim & Sarah Herzog

Herz Martial Arts Schools with 8 personally owned Locations and 12 Franchise Locations. 1900 Members as of January 2023:
Started with Lance:  Sept 2019 with 4 Locations and 800 members


Wolfgang Schmidt

Wolfgang Schmidt from Kien Martial Arts Schools started working with Lance Gregorchuk in October 2020 with 3 schools and 600 members. Kien Martial Arts Schools now has 4 schools and 1200 members just a few years later. 


Wolfgang's schools are one of the most successful schools worldwide and they have never sold a kids Birthday party or a parents night out.


Micheal Ian McLindon

One School and just one location in Whitman Ma. 


" I met Lance at the Martial Arts Supershow in Las Vegas in 2022 and have been one of his biggest fans ever since. Lance offered to consult my small school, south of Boston, with just under 100 members, for FREE, to see if he could take my school to the numbers he takes his European schools to without being a glorified Baby Sitting service, that also offers Martial Arts."


TAMA Dojo will reach our 2025 goals in 2023. I look forward to seeing you in South Boston!


Dojo Management Software is like no other Software avaliable today to run your Martial Arts School in the world. Almost every software availiable for martial arts schools is based upon "Fitness Studio Software!" or "Yoga Software". The difference between a Fitness Studio/ Yoga Software is that a martial arts school needs to know so much more than Fitness Studios.


* How many times can the student attend.

* How many times until the next belt test.

* When you sell a membership you alo sold products.

* Yearly fees to Organizations.

* Tournament Fees.

* Belt Fees.

* And so much more

The weekend that changes the financial future of your Martial Arts School.

Would like to plan an Event together with Lance Gregorchuk for your school, your organization, your product, or your service for your clients, or if you would just would like to get several of your Martial Arts School friends owner together with their staff for a sales and marketing weekend designed to help everyone get more students and get them to stay longer then apply now. 


Seminars can also be broken into smaller segments, for example: 4 hours of Marketing and 4 Hours of Sales Training.


Please contact Lance Gregorchuk Today if you are interested in having Lance come to your event, School or Show to help your clients become sales and marketing Black Belts. 

Thank you Poul Cummings, the CTO from Dojo Software.

Dojo Software Solutions is the Sponsor of the MAEXPO 2024 East Coast Road Show in the USA.


There are only 15 dates availiable for this East Coast Road Show and we are expecting all 15 location dates to be "Booked out" within just a few weeks.


Dojo Software Solutions CTO, Poul Cummings, has invested over 50,000 dollars in support of the USA East Coast Road Show to prove that no other software in the Martial Arts Industry can campare to Dojo Software Solutions.


" Anyone who ownes a martial arts school in the USA and is still using paper, needs to download Dojo Management on Google play or iTunes. The minute you start using Dojo Management Software you will understand why we are the fastest growing Martial Arts Software worldwide!"


We Look forward to buiding the best Martial Arts School Management System on the market today and during the East Coast Road show we are looking forward to hear your further suggestions as to what you want Dojo Managament Software to do over the next months and years.