On Tour

From the 16th of August 2024 until the 19th of November 2024, Lance and his crew will Travel from Boston Mass. to Fort Myers Florida and on every weekend give one of his amazing 3 day Seminars for everyone in the Martial Arts Industry who wants to learn how to make more money and have a thriving Martial Arts Business.

There is NOTHING to purchase aftwards:

* NO Consulting

* NO Monthly Marketing 

* NO Bull

* Yes we are also Dojo Software, but there is no need to use Dojo Software if you do not want to. If you are happy with the system you are using right now then you should continue to use the system you have right now to manage your members. 

Apply to be a Podcast RV Guest

Lance will be giving his Sales and Marketing seminars every weekend from Friday to Sunday, but to make this a Martial Arts Road Show to remember, Lance has a few days in between seminars to talk with Industry leaders, Martial Arts Specialists  while traveling to the next location!


Would you like to join Lance for 2 days in his RV to talk about Martial Arts, your system, product, or revolution? 


* Lance Travels in his RV about 50 Miles a day to the next Location starting on the Tuesday after the seminar. The Podcast Guest Travels with Lance to the next Camping Location ( 1 hour Interview) and Camps with Lance talking Martial Arts. 


The Dates

16-18 Aug: Open Booking for South Boston

23-25 Aug: Open

30-1 Sept: Open

6-8 Sept: Open

13-15 Sept: Open

20-22 Sept: Open

27 Sept-29: Booked do not apply

4-6 Oct: Open

11-13 Oct: Open

18-20 Oct: Open

25-27 Oct: Open

1-3: Nov: Open

8-10-12 Nov: Open

15-17 Nov: Open Booking in Fort Myers


These open dates will be closed as soon as we receive requests for Events, so request and contact us soon.


Book Lance for your Martial Arts Training event.

Example #1: The dates and locations match your schedule and you want Lance to come to your school and teach your Team (and maybe some of your friends who also own schools) on how to increase sales.

* $2.500 for the weekend. Simply get 4 other schools for $500 to join you. Unlimted Attendees. 

Example #2: The dates and locations match your schedule and you want to promote your product or service with Lance as your Key note speaker.

* Investment: $2,500 for the weekend. You can charge what you want for the weekend. Unlimted Attendees. 

Example #3: If a weekend has not been booked, Lance will Book a location on that date and charge just $149 a person for the weekend (not including food and drink) for a Maximum of 30 People.

Lance, we would like to book you for our event!

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