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You can use all of the products below to Market your Martial Arts School.

Many Martial Arts Schools simply do not have the Resources to hire a grafic artist or film a video to promote their school so everything availiable here is free and you can use it all for your marketing. Please watch the YouTube Video "Do you need a Marketing agency?" To see how to use what is availiable here.

Mothers day: I love this Campaign because it is the Campaignthat leads us into the Summer Campaign of Summer Camps. Mothers are the person whio decide what their kids will do during their summer break. Duting this Campaign you will have your students invite their mothers to a Mother - Kid Training, where the Child helps their mom learn Martial Arts. 


Obviously, during this Campaign you will be promoting your summer campaign if you want to learn about how to market your summer campaign watch the YouTube Video.

Summer Camps: Summer Camps for Martial Arts Schools are an exceptional way to generate income in the summer months from June until August until you run your "Back To School" Campaign. 


You need to start marketing your summer camps starting in May during your Mothers Day Special and in June on your Fathers day special. Please watch our Youtube Video on why Mothers day and Fathers deay are probably the most important days of the year your your Martial Arts School.


If you are not currently running Summer Camps then please watch our YouTube Video on Summer Camps.

Your "Back to School" Campaign needs to start at the latest in August. Parents need to know that Baseball, Soccer, Football, Hockey and Athetics, do not compare to the results that Martial Arts has on the brain and on the success of a child. 


* Martial Arts helps kids concentrate

* Martial Arts helps kids solve problems

* Martial Arts helps kids avoid confrentation

* Martial Arts helps kids defend themselves

* Martial Arts helps kids stand up for others

* Martial Arts helps kids understand their strengths

* Martial Arts helps kids to know their weeknesses

* Martial Arts helps kids to grow

Bad School Notes for Boys: This is a great picture to show a boy who has poor grades in school because he does not know how to concentrate or focus.


Obviously, when this boy starts at your martial arts school you will teach him how to focus, concentrate, and set goals.


Before and after pictures are so important for parents as the want to see what will happen to their child as they take the martial arts journey. This before image will help you market your martial arts school,. Please watch our Video "Before and After" on YouTube. 

Before and After Pictures: Did you know that before and after pictures are almost never allowed on social media? The reason is simple, almost all before and after pictures are complete fakes.


But, every person who ownes a Martial Arts School knows, and the scientific litterature also confirms that children who start Martial Arts at a young age also:


* Get better grades in school

* Are more self-aware!

* Are more self Confident!

* Concentrate better

* Are more disciplined!

Download these Martial Arts Pictures and use them for free without Licence