Podcast Guest

As Lance travels from one location to the next, he will be interviewing some very cool people in the Martial Arts Industry as he travels. 

1. Traveling Podcast as Lance Drives his RV to his next location interviewing the guest. Approximately 3 Hours.

2. Discussion Podcast Face to Face in the RV over a cup of coffee. Approximately 3 Hours

3. Fire Pit Podcast: Sitting aroud the fire telling Stories. Could go all night!

 Would you like to be a Podcast Guest?


✓ You are in the Martial Arts Industry

✓ You have something interesting to teach

✓ You are availiable for the exact dates

✓ Your background check is clean

✓ You can provide 3 Character witnesses

✓ You can find your own way back to the original location.


If you do meet these criteria then contact Lance Gregorchuk today for a call to see if that what you are offering works into the MAEXPO experience.



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