Questions and Answers

Q: Who the f***k is Lance Gregorchuk?

A: Very few people in the world can claim to have been the Sales and Marketing Director of the Largest Fitness Chains in Europe ( Fitness First ) and the Largest Fitness Chain in the World (24 Hour Fitness). Lance has also been the Consultant to companies like Reebok, Iveco, Eaton Muller and many more and has also been a Guest Lecturer at the Ludwig Maximillian University on internet marketing. At 54 Years old, Lance is a dinasour when it comes to Sales and Marketing in the Fitness and Martial Arts Industry. Lance has been an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) since 2002 and his first Facebook Campaign was in 2010. Lance has been one of the top Consultants on SEO, SEM, and Social Media throughout Europe. Lance has written the Book "Sales Master. How Achieve your Sales and Personal Goals together with Jaden Eikermann.

Q: What will I or my team learn on the weekend?

A: First you will learn Marketing, what works and what does not. Bring your laptops with you as we will creating your 12 month marketing plan at the seminar. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. You will learn everything you need to know about how to use Facebook Business Manager and Google analytics to optimize your marketing. Furthermore you will learn how to sell memberships more effectively and how to get referals.

Q: Is there anything to purchase afterwards? Consulting or Monthly marketing or some membership in something?

A: No. The only thing that we hope you purchase is Dojo Management Software, but you are not obligated to do so. If you are happy with your managment software you should continue to use it.

Q: $2500 for a weekend? That seems like a lot of money!

A: Lance is renting an RV that costs $7000 a month so he can cook his own food. Now, add camping fees, gas, and water (and maybe a few beers) this is definately not a way that Lance will get rich. Renting a car and staying at hotels every night and eating at restaurants would be even more expensive.  Remember, there is nothing to purchase after this weekend, and you are free to use Dojo Software is you want to, but you are under no obligation to do so.

Q: I have a school which Lance can use for his weekend seminar but I dont have any friends who own schools around my area.

A: If you have a school where Lance can give his weekend seminar and you would happy to host other school owners in your school, then the price for the weekend for you and your team is only $500 Dollars. Lance will then invite other Martial Arts Schools, on a first come first serve basis, for a Maximum of 20 extra people to attend. Your school must be able to host a Minimum of 20 and a Maximum of 35 People.

Q: Why should I attend the MAEXPO Road show?

A: This Martial Arts Road Show is like no other. Most events like these are designed to give you a little iformation and then sell you something long term like consulting, or marketing campaigns. The MAEXPO does not. The goal of The MAEXPO is to give you exactly the information that you need to become a Black Belt in Sales and Marketing and for you to increase you memberships and decrease your cancelations dramatically.

Q: How will I know if me travelling to an event or hosting an event is worth it?

A: First, you can go to Lance's YouTube Channel to see for yourself if Lance knows how to increase memberships in your Martial Arts School. The Link to his YouTube channel is here: YouTube

Q: Is this one of those "Get Rich Quick Schemes?

A: This is NOT a "Get Rich Quick" Scheme. This is a "You will make a very good living through selling martial arts" scheme, but only if you put in the hours and days and months on focusing on Sales and Marketing.

Q: Is it true that Lance Gregorchuk's Son went to the Olympics when he was just 15 years old?

A: No, that is not true! Lance Gregorchuk's son Jaden qualified for the Tokyo Olympics when he was 15 years old but since the Olympics were posponed 1 year, his son competed at the Tokyo olympics when he was 16 years old.

Q: I want to plan an event with Lance but I am not sure I can get anyone to attend.

A: If you plan it, we will make sure it is full. Lance is a Social Media Expert and you can watch live as his YouTube, Facebook, Insta, and TikTok followers grow every day. Yes, you may have never heard of Lance Gregorchuk before, but by his last seminar you will no be able to even get a ticket.

Q: There are so many "How to be Successful" Books out there! Why is this book different?

A: Success is not about money ( money is simply a by-product) of success. Lance has a personal net worth of just less then the gas in his car! Why would anyone want to be personally rich? Being Personally rich means paying "Rich People Taxes" Personally! "That is nothing to be proud about" says Lance in an RT Interview. "Starbucks, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc pay almost nothing in taxes and so can you with your Martial Arts Business. When you book a Lance Gregorchuk Seminar... you get so much more.